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About Us
The Wrap-N-Mat Story

As a mom of four, I knew there had to be a better option than plastic baggies.  In today's world, I am so proud to offer a food wrap that opens flat converting into a place mat. Keep germs away by eating on something clean and washable.  Wrap-N-Mat, Inc has been providing Wraps and Pouches for over 20 years to individuals who want a more eco-friendly to the original packed lunch.  When I started making Wraps in 1997 "Being Green" wasn't even a slogan. Hopefully in the future, using plastic baggies will be something of the past as well. I thank you for your business and support.
Bonnie Smith, Founder/Inventor of WRAP-N-MAT
Our Mission:
Providing safe and sustainable products has been both our business strategy and an ethical imperative here at Wrap-N-Mat, Inc. since 1997. Passing all CPSIA requirements, our products are free of lead, phthalates, PVC, BpA, and formaldehyde. Wrap-N-Mat, Inc. is a privately held 100% woman-owned corporation.  As a pioneer in the industry, creator and inventor, Bonnie Smith prides herself on providing only the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Believing that the customer is always right, our standard in providing the best customer service hasn’t wavered in over 21 years. Since we began we have offered "Made in the USA" products that are hand cut and sewn by American women; additionally we strive to purchase only "Made in USA" raw materials whenever possible. FYI: the LDPE plastic we use in all of our "Made in USA" products is produced in Johnstown, CO.

Wrap-N-Mat Inc. Cares for the Environment:
Knowing we have only one planet to care for, Wrap-N-Mat Inc. runs its business with conservation and recycling always in mind.  Being energy efficient in the work place and in the warehouse keeps our natural resources to a minimum.  Refilling ink cartridges plus all paper recycling is the norm at Wrap-N-Mat, Inc.  Re-using shipping boxes whenever possible and bulk shipping in non-bleached envelops enables us to booster our mission to re-use over replacing. 

Wrap-N-Mat, Inc. is Socially Conscious:
Family values and community outreach has always been a leading issue with us. Being a family business, there are multiple generations employed at Wrap-N-Mat Inc. as well as similarly-mission-minded friends. To further promote the national value of being an entrepreneur, we employee college students who share our passion for the environment and our mission to reduce waste.  Flexible hours are extended to our employees so they may attend family events or continue their educational emphasis.  Wrap-N-Mat, Inc. contributes yearly to many schools, organizations and charities helping them to continue their outreach program to the community. 

What Makes Wrap-N-Mat Unique

Wrap-N-Mat Products are unique in that they are the original re-usable food wrap and placemat in one. Providing 2 products in 1-  Food container and placemat!

We purposely use a food grade plastic for our products because:
* the lining keeps more AIR OUT than fabric only- ultimately keeping the food fresher
* the lining is food safe, free of lead, phthalates, Bpa and PVC
* the lining is porous free so no food particles can get trapped in the fabric
* the lining wipes down easily after each use without having to be inverted to clean

The patented design allows the food wrap to open flat which serves beautifully as a placemat.  Easy to open with a hook/loop tab, children and adults find the closure simple to use.

Many wonderful prints are available for both children and adults.